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Privacy policy

Žaja dental clinic for orthodontics – mr. sc. Ivona Žaja dr. med. dent. spec. orthodontics (further: Žaja dental clinic) xxx for your personal data gathered by using the website, Facebook profile Poliklinika Žaja and Gmail

To keep the functionality of our web pages and provide services our visitors require, Žaja dental clinic can gather and use personal user data. The gathering of data depends on your usage of the website. We need this information to secure proper and quality functioning of the web pages, offer you the highest quality service and enhance those we already provide.

(I) Certain services available through the internet content allow you to contact Žaja dental clinic directly and reserve a date within the services we provide. Regarding those services, it is possible we will ask certain data from you to be able to better inform you about the services.In such cases, your personal data is necessary, as without them we are not able to act upon your request. In certain situations, Žaja dental clinic gathers your data using the third party internet platforms and sources, that may be combined with the data you make available to us. During the gathering process, certain data may be acquired by Google Analytics service (please see the Cookie policy for a detailed explanation).

By accessing and using this website you agree to the use of aforementioned tools and other data on your computer. You also agree that Žaja dental clinic and third parties can obtain access to cookies, technologies of lcal storage and the data.

(II) Your data is gathered for the following purposes:

your usage of the services

for offering services and fulfilling your requests

to give you content and recommendations based on your activity on the website

to advertise and send out promo materials

to enhance our business and develop the services we offer

to communicate with you

to analyze the usage of our services and content

(III) Your personal data shall never be disclosed to the public. We take great care to whom we allow access to your data and it shall never be published to third parties for their own independent marketing purposes or business purposes without your express consent. In case of data transfer, we will take every precaution to protect it and, if possible, necessary, and reasonable, pseudonymize it or make it difficult to connect with you in some other way. In extreme circumstances, we shall strive to fully anonymize your data in case we determine that it constitutes a risk to securing your rights. Your data disclosure is possible to the subjects in direct connection to Žaja dental clinic which are an essential part of our services, especially medical services we provide.

(IV) If requested by the law or a decision of a government or judiciary body, we might be forced to disclose your data to the competent authority or other parties:

to allow us to operate lawfully or to answer to obligatory legal procedures to check or align with rules of our services: to protect the rights, ownership or safety of users, clients, and Žaja dental clinic.

In certain situations, your data can be transferred outside of Croatian borders for further processing. Bear in mind that data protection laws and other laws in countries where your data can be transferred to might not be the same as in your country. The processing is only done for our personal need, and all possible care will be taken to deny access to your data and processing results to all third party, unauthorized persons.

Žaja dental clinic uses and regularly improves its system of data gathering and processing, to fulfill the legal requirements and ensure your safety. We use reasonable physical and technical data protection measures and strive to follow the technical advancements and regulations of the governing bodies responsible for data protection, at the national and also EU level. We have to point out, however, that each user of the internet must be aware that, due to rapid technological advancements, no system is absolutely safe and it is objectively not possible to determine in advance all the risks that could develop on the internet.

Žaja dental clinic has insight into your gathered data from the following sources: web: / Facebook: Poliklinika Žaja / mail:

By accepting this statement it is considered that you freely and explicitly give your consent for your data to be gathered and processes for the purposes stated in this text. The access to data is given voluntarily and you are not required to accept this statement – that is you are not required to enter your data into any of the forms present on the website.

By accepting this statement and allowing access to your personal data by imputing them into one of the forms it is considered that you agree that your data will be processes for marketing purposes (delivering information, offers, and promotional materials about the products or services, improving marketing activities, market research), using of your email address and phone number, personal data (name, last name/date of birth/ID number, etc), images (x-ray image, images taken in the clinic), insight in your electronic health card and medical history, and information about work and business practices.

You can object at any time to processing of your personal data for marketing purposes and withdraw your consent. The data gathering manager will treat your personal data according to the Data protection law and the crediting institutions’ law by applying appropriate technical and safety methods to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, abuse, or destroying.

The data gathering manager protects the users’ privacy as well as that of visitors to the website, protects your personal data confidentiality and allows access and imparting of the personal data only to his employees that require them to fulfill their business duties or third parties in cases explicitly governed by law.

The data gathering manager for your personal data is Žaja dental clinic. We state that you can at any time, completely or partially, without compensation and explanation, revoke your consent and demand cessation of the processing of your personal data and marketing activities directed at you. Revocation can be submitted personally at our clinic, by mail to the aforementioned address f the clinic or by email to the:

Please rad this statement carefully. By accepting it and giving access to your personal data through this website and email address you confirm that you have read and understood the statement and that you allow Žaja dental clinic, as the data gathering manager and the user, processes and uses your personal data to do market research, send information, offers and promo materials, as well as information about your appointments, treatments and x-ray analysis.