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Implantology is the most advanced and most modern branch of dental medicine. Its complexity necessitates a special expert education and top-notch equipment.


Implantology is the most advanced and most modern branch of dental medicine. Its complexity necessitates a special expert education and top-notch equipment.

Implants are thanks to their efficiency, longevity, and natural feel at the top of modern dentistry. They are the most modern and best way to replace missing teeth. The procedure success rate is 98,5%, making them one of the most secure methods in dental medicine.

We offer the highest quality implantology solutions to our patients in a modernly equipped clinic with highly educated staff - oral surgery and implantology specialists. Our clinic uses Nobel Biocare implants, that consistently achieve the best results.

Very often, orthodontic therapy is required before placing the implants. This way we can correct the teeth position and prepare the cavity for an implant.

Dental implants are titanium screws surgically inserted into a bone. They serve as a replacement for a missing root of the tooth. Titanium is supremely durable and biocompatible - important for the body to not reject the implant. They become a part of your body and give you the look and function of natural teeth.

Implants consist of the implant body (screw), the suprastructure, and the crown. The body of the implant is placed in the bone, and the crown is placed on top, providing a natural tooth feel.

Implanting is an oral surgery procedure that lasts one hour on average. It is done with local anesthesia and is completely painless.

Advantages of implants:

  • ten-year guarantee for implants and the high success rate of the therapy
  • a long-lasting, aesthetic and functional solution which enhances the quality of life
  • the highest quality solution that gives you a beautiful smile and the feel of natural teeth
  • no need for teeth filing and prevention of the alveolar ridge resorption

Dental implants are used in cases ranging from one missing tooth to the complete toothlessness. They can be used combined with other teeth to support the fixed or mobile prosthetics. Implant placement is the best option of modern dentistry. The number of implants inserted into a jaw is determined on a case to case basis.

When one tooth is missing the implant is the best solution. As opposed to a bridge, there is no need to file down the surrounding teeth. Besides, implants keep the bone healthy and prevent its decay, completely eliminating the possibility of additional jawbone problems.

If more than one tooth needs to be treated, we apply a dental bridge with more dental crowns to connect them into a whole.

All-on-4/All-on-6 therapy:

In the case of complete toothlessness, a complete mobile prosthesis is no longer the only solution we can offer.

Four or six specially positioned implants (All-on-4 / All-on-6 therapy) allow for a fixed bridge with superb stability and natural feel. This way we replace the missing teeth as well as the alveolar ridge, resorbed during the teeth removal process.


  • allows additional comfort and quality of prosthetic replacements
  • ideal for patients with a significant bone loss and toothless ridges
  • safer wearing and better chewing quality significantly enhance the quality of life
  • combination of high aesthetics and functionality

In case of reduced height and width of the bone ridge, before the implant placement, we will perform a bone augmentation or insert artificial bone in preparation for the implant. After the procedure, a recovery period follows, after which we can continue with the implanting process.

The success rate for implant placement in our clinic is higher than 99%, making it one of the longest lasting and safest methods in dentistry.

Before the procedure

  • oral cavity examination, x-ray, and CBCT (3D) jaw analysis
  • consulting and determining the course of the procedure
  • a unified implanting plan adapted to the patient’s needs

Procedure course

  • teeth extraction and placement of implants
  • construction of temporary prosthetics
  • superstructure placement in 3–6 months, preparation for the final prosthetic work
  • construction of the final prosthetic work and permanent cementing

The result: an excellent aesthetic and functional solution

After the procedure

It is necessary to adhere to the following:

  • apply cold compresses to reduce possible swelling
  • maintain good oral hygiene as instructed by the dentist
  • abstain from smoking
  • adjust your nutrition plan for the first week
  • avoid hard physical labor and sports activities for 10 days

For each implant, an international implant passport is issued with a listed number and type. Nobel Biocare gives a lifelong guarantee in case of breaking. The longevity of the implant depends on your general health, oral hygiene quality, bad habits, and regular controls. If you follow the dentist’s rules, the implant can last a lifetime and the crown for up to 10 years.