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Cookie policy

To make visiting our website a great experience, we need to deposit a small amount of data to your computer; the so called cookies. Cookies, among other things, keep the website working optimally, and allow us to improve it to enhance your experience. By using this website you accpet the use of cookies. Cookie blocking is possible, and you will be able to browse the webpage without them, but some of its functionality will not work.

(I) Cookie is a data package deposited to your computer, tablet or smartphone that can be delivered directly from the website you are visiting (first party) or in cooperation and for the requirements of the website you visit by the third party (third party cookies). Cookies usually save your settings, website settings such as preferred language or similar settings. Later, when you return to the website, web browser sends the cookies back to the website they belong to. This allows the website to show information adjusted to your needs, Cookies can save a wide array of data, including parts of personal data. Such information cn be saved only if you allow them – websites cannot gain access to the information you did not give and cannot allow other files access to your computer.

(II) We use cookies to allow a better user experience. When you use our website you might get a third party cookie. We use cookies to keep track of the visit statistics and gain critical information about the success of the website while using third party service called Google Analytics.

(III) Social networks can also deposit cookies on your computer. This happens on websites that allow user registration and login through social network accounts and if you share the content of the website on social networks (e.g. through the “Like” button). The influence on your privacy varies from network to network, as well as with privacy settings you have set up on the networks. You can find out how to handle those cookies on their websites.

(IV) If you wish, you can disallow the cookie storage on your computer, but blocking all cookies can have a negative effect on the user experience on many websites, as well as this one. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your internet browser. If you wish to delete or disallow cookies on your computer, you will need to update your browser settings (find information about ways to delete and disallow cookies in your browser by choosing the Help link).

(V) There are currently a few websites that help cancel cookie depositing for various services.

Find out more on the following websites: